Wireless Installation in the Jungles of Laos
Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look at our communications installation in Laos, and click here if you want a more-detailed technical narrative:

Street in Vientianne, Laos

Construction w/ Bamboo Scaffolding


More Countryside

Mountain near Mining Camp

Installation of Communications Hut.

Preparing Site for Satellite.

Preparing for Satellite 2

Preparing for Satellite 3

Satellite Dish (mount too short!)

Satellite Dish 2 (Extended wooden mount)

Pointing the Dish

Satellite Dish 3 (after pointing)

Satellite Dish 4

Satellite Dish 5

Tom on spectrum analyzer

Communications Hut Rack

Mike on Tree 1 (Wireless mount)

Mike on Tree 2 (Wireless mount)

Mike on Tree 3 (Wireless Mount)

Mike on Tree 4 (Wireless Mount)

Mike on Tree 5 (Wireless mount)

Wireless Mount on Tree 1

Wireless Mount on Tree 2

The night after installation, the wireless tree fell on the Comms Hut!

Wireless Equipment Intact.

Communications Hut after Tree Fell & was Removed

Communications Hut after Tree Removal

Cutting Fallen Tree 3

Cutting Fallen Tree 4

New Wireless Mount 1 (after tree fell)

New Wireless Mount 2 (after tree fell)

New Wireless Mount 3 (after tree fell)

New Wireless Mount 4

New Wireless Mount 5

A smaller tree blocked our signal - until it too fell on the communications hut the next day!

Big Shack 1

Big Shack 2

Big Shack 3

Big Shack 4

Big Shack 5

Bird Trap

"Bombs Not to Touch" Chart

Buddhist Temple 1

Buddhist Temple 2

Buddhist Temple 3

Buddhist Temple 4

Buddhist Temple 5

Sepon Camp Mountain 1

Sepon Camp Mountain 2

Sepon Camp Mountain 3

Client Wireless 1

Client Wireless 2

Client Wireless 3

Client Wireless Mount as Base Camp

Close Up View

Crane's Eye View 1

Crane's Eye View 3

Crane's Eye View 4

Tom loses boot in mud


Jungle Road 1

Jungle Road 2

Road to Camp

Crane stuck in mud - could not be retrieved!

Sepon Mining Camp 1

Sepon Mining Camp 2

Sepon Mining Camp 3

Sepon Mining Camp 4

Camp Kitchen & Cafeteria

Camp Kitchen

Road Between Camps

Five Star Hotel (w/ mosquito net)

Camp Bedroom

Camp Laundy & Shower Area

Men's Shower

Men's Restroom

Road to Construction Camp

Russian-made Transports in Use.

Lady Biker

Laos Menu

Laos Volleyball (no hands allowed)

Lemonade Stand

Big House

Little Shack 1

Little Shack 2

More Shacks 1

Old Bridge

Bridge that was later 2 feet under water.



Phuket Air

Versatile Utility Vehicle

Red Squirrel

Ox on Rice Paddy

Rice Paddy 1

Rice Paddy 2

Rice Paddy 3

Rice Paddy 4

Rice Paddy 5

Roadside Stand

Leaving Laos via Ferry to Thailand.

Mekong River 1 (Laos side)

Mekong River 2 (Laos side)

Mekong River 4

Tuk-Tuk Taxi in Mukdahan, Thailand

Viet Nam War Bombs 1

Viet Nam War Bombs 2 (w/ old machine gun)

Viet Nam War Bomb 3

Viet Nam War Bomb 4

Bangkok Band