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      Internet Access:

Nationwide provides a full suite of Internet access products, including dialup, DSL, wireless, T1 and T3 access. Pricing and availability of these services vary greatly from location to location. Call (888-638-6373) or email us for a quote on any specific type of access you desire. If we can't provide it, we'll help you find someone who can!
Premium Dialup Access (w/ Hyperspeed)
Unlimited 56K Internet Access (Never a busy signal!)
HyperSpeed Dialup Accelerator
     (Surf up to 5 times faster than normal 56K!)
3 Email addresses
    (@nationwideinc.com or @netrus.net)
Live & Friendly Tech Support
Spam & Virus Filtering of Email – the Best on the Market!
WebMail Access
Just $ 14.95/month *

(pricing varies by region - $14.95 special is for southeast Florida from the Palm Beaches to the Keys)
High Speed Internet Access
Fixed Wireless Internet
T1 and T3 Access

Pricing & Availability varies from region to region. You can email us to see what the best option is for your needs!

      Managed E-Mail :

Whether it's your personal email account or email for your entire corporation, let the experts at Nationwide handle your email. Get the best in live, experienced tech support, state-of-the-art spam and virus filtering, and solid reliability and performance. Call (888-638-6373) or email us for a quote on any email needs you have, including:

Personal Email
    (@nationwideinc.com or @netrus.net)
Domain Email
    (have us setup your whole business @yourdomain.com)
Corporate Gateway Filtering
    (let us block your spam & viruses before they reach your server!)

      Web Hosting & Design:

Nationwide offers web hosting packages for your business supporting a full range of server technologies. Our web servers are housed in a secure network operations center with battery and generator backup and dual backbones to the Internet. Commercial web hosting packages with email start at only $25/month! Give us a call to see how we can setup your business online.

Web design is available in house or through our network of web designers. Depending on your needs, we can design your web site or refer you to the right expert for the job. We support most web server languages including Front Page, ASP, PHP, and back-end databases including MS-SQL and MySQL. (If you don't know what this means, don't worry - that's why we're here!).

      Computers & Networking:

Since 1986, Nationwide has served the computer and information needs of businesses. Whether you are a large company with an IT staff that needs additional support, or a small business that needs help setting up or maintaining an office network, call us and let the experts handle it. With 2 MIT graduates as owners and operators, you can't go wrong with Nationwide!
We can implement or troubleshoot just about anything computer-related, including:
Desktop Computers
File Servers
Networks (LAN & WAN)
Wireless Connections
Custom Programming
Software Applications

      SBT/AccPac Accounting:

Nationwide has extensive experience implementing the full line of accounting products provided by SBT Corporation (now under the name of AccPac). AccPac software provides a powerful accounting and inventory control solution for almost any type of business. AccPac also has the unique advantage of providing programming source code with most of its products. This allows our knowledgeable programming staff to fully customize the package to fit your business's special needs - without having to write a complete package from scratch!Just some of the vertical industries for which we have developed full applications include:
Long Distance Telephone Marina Management
Import/Export Kitchen Installation
Cold Storage Warehousing Nautical Surveying
Commercial Leasing Records Management

      Altigen Phone Systems:

Many businesses these days are looking for a new phone system that supports cost-saving features such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and PRI or T1 connectivity. Don't get locked into another traditional PBX that becomes obsolete in 5 years - get the system the experts use - an Altigen PBX. Click to read about the many awards this flexible system has to offer.

It's the system the experts at Nationwide use in all their locations, and we can install one for you as well. Since the system is based on a Windows server, it's expandable, inexpensive and can be configured with easy to use software. If we can get it to work in Laos and in Ecuador, we can get it to work in your office! (Click here if you want to read NetworkWorld's article about our Altigen installation in Laos.)

Give us a call (888-638-6373) and let us save you money as you bring your phone system into the 21st century. It's the last phone system you'll ever have to buy - and we can even recommend a telephone carrier in your area that can save you substantially on both local lines and long distance charges!



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(954) 327-2111 * (888) NET-NERD Nationwide Computer Systems, PO Box 551149, Davie, FL 33355
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