Setup Dialup Internet Connection Manually in Windows 95/98/ME

If you just want to create a new dialup connection without setting up an email account, or if you want to setup each manually, follow these steps. Creating a new connection can also be useful as a troubleshooting step if you are having problems connecting.

  • Double click My Computer.
  • For Windows 95/98 double click Dial-Up Networking. For Windows ME double click Control Panel and then Dial-Up Networking.
  • Double click Make New Connection.
  • Enter name for connection. This can be anything - we recommend you enter Nationwide.
  • Click Next.
  • Phone Number: Enter the local dial-up phone number for where you live. For southeast Florida our numbers are:
      Dade 305-356-2920
      Broward 954-343-6920
      Boca Raton 561-953-6920
      Homestead 786-217-1042
      West Palm 561-909-2920
    Make sure to include the area code (but not a "1') for full 10-digit dialing, even though it's a local, toll free call!  In Windows, this is usally easiest to do by putting the full 10-digit phone # in the phone number field and leaving the area code blank.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Finish.

For Windows 95/98 follow the additional steps below. If your computer has Windows ME you do not need to take these steps.

  • Right click the new connection. Select Properties.
  • Click on the Server Types tab.
  • Uncheck "Log on to Network", "IPX/SPX", "NETBEUI".
  • Click OK.

For all sytems in this section (Windows 95/98/ME) continue the additional steps below.

  • Right click the new connection. Select Create Shortcut..
  • Answer Yes to place it on your Desktop.
  • Close all windows (Control Panel, Dialup Networking) that you opened.
  • Click Start ->Settings ->Control Panel
  • Double click Internet Options.
  • Click on the Connections tab.
  • Below the connection list check the box that says Dial whenever a network connection is not present.
  • If there is more than one dialup connection in the list, highlight the one you just created (probably called Nationwide) and click Set Default. You may remove any dialup connections you no longer need by highlighting them and clicking Remove.
  • Click Apply at the bottom.
  • If you would like to set your start page (home page) to Nationwide's, click the General tab at the top, and in the Home Page Address field enter Hit the OK button.