Setup Email in Eudora 5.x in Windows (other versions are similar)

Open Eudora 5.x

  • Click on Tools and then Options.
  • Click on the Getting Started icon in the Category section.
  • Fill in these settings:
    • Real Name: Type in the name you would like to appear on outgoing email (usually your full name).
    • Return Address: Type in your Nationwide email address.
    • Mail server (Incoming): This is usually, unless you were given an alternate server such as
    • Login Name: Type in the first part of your Nationwide email address, but leave off the
    • SMTP Server (Outgoing): If you are dialing into one of our southeast Florida numbers, this is usually, unless you were given an alternate outgoing server such as If on one of our National Dialup plans, use If you use us for email, but connect to the internet through another provider, you must use their outgoing mail server (for instance, if you use Bellsouth DSL).
All other default settings should work ok.