Setup Dialup Internet & Email in Mac OS X

Creating connection and email account
  • On your desktop click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner. In the menu that drops down click on System Preferences.
System Preferences
  • Click on the Internet icon. The Internet settings window opens on your screen. Select the Email tab.


  • Select the Email tab.
Email Settings
  • Default Mail Reader: Select the email program you want to use.
  • Email Address: Your Nationwide email address.
  • Incoming Mail Server: (unless you were provided an alternate server, such as
  • Account Type: POP
  • User Account ID: Your Nationwide Email Account Name (usually leave off the or part).
  • Password: Your password
  • Outgoing Mail Server: (unless you are travelling on a National Dialup account in which case it should be, or were given an alternate server).
  • Click on the Network icon.


  • Show: Internal Modem
  • Click on the TCP/IP tab
    • Configure: Using PPP
  • Click on the PPP tab
    • Service Provider: Nationwide
    • Telephone Number:: Enter the local dial-up phone number for where you live. For southeast Florida our numbers are:
        Dade 305-356-2920
        Broward 954-343-6920
        Boca Raton 561-953-6920
        Homestead 786-217-1042
        West Palm 561-909-2920
      Make sure to include the area code (but not a "1') for full 10-digit dialing, even though it's a local, toll free call! This is usally easiest to do by putting the full 10-digit phone # in the phone number field and leaving the area code blank.
    • Alternate Number: Leave blank.
    • Account Name: Your Nationwide username
    • Password: Your password.
    • Save Password: Check this option if you want your Mac to save your password.
    • Click on PPP Options.
    • Make sure "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications" is checked.
  • Finish
    Click Apply Now to save the settings.
    Close the Network Window

    You can now open a web browser or email program and be able to connect to the Internet.