Setup Email in Outlook Express in Windows

Go into Outlook Express:

  • Double click on the Outlook Express icon on the Desktop. If you would like to connect to the Internet now, click on the Connect button in the Connect To window, otherwise click on Work Offline. If you have no Outlook Express icon on the Desktop, look under Start/Programs or just off the Start menu in Windows XP.

    If no account has been created before you may see the Internet Connection Wizard window. Skip to the Your Name step if the Internet Connection Wizard window appears after opening Outlook Express. Otherwise continue with the steps below:
  • Click on Tools -> Accounts.
  • In the Internet Accounts window click on the Mail tab. If you see some email accounts here you no longer need, you may remove them by highlighting them and clicking Remove. Then click Add and then Mail.
Your Name:
  • In the Display Name box enter your name. This name will appear on all e-mail messages sent. This is not your email address - usually it's your Full Name.
  • Click Next.
Internet E-mail Address:
  • In the E-mail address box enter your Nationwide e-mail address.
  • Click on Next.
E-mail Server Names:
  • For Incoming Mail (POP3) this is usually, unless you were given an alternate server such as
  • For Outgoing Mail (SMTP) if you are dialing into one of our southeast Florida numbers, this is usually, unless you were given an alternate outgoing server such as If on one of our National Dialup plans, use If you use us for email, but connect to the internet through another provider, you must use their outgoing mail server (for instance, if you use Bellsouth DSL).
  • Click on Next.
Internet Mail Logon:
  • For Account name, the first part of your email should already be entered in here (do not include the part). In the Password box enter the password for your account.
  • Then click on Next.
  • Click on Finish and then click on Close from the Internet Accounts window. Outlook Express is now set up to send and receive e-mail.